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An Overview:

Quantum is a global firm providing innovative technology-enabled services for the transportation industry. With 200 years of practical transportation knowledge, a combination of vast experience in strategy and analysis, a deep understanding of systems, processes and technological expertise, our ability to apply this knowledge to a recognised need category and the talent to generate innovative concepts, sets us apart from other service-providers.

The Quantum Intelligence(Qi) is a Business Intelligence (BI) Platform providing Dashboards, Analysis and Reports (DAR) for the shipping industry, developed by Quantum Business Solutions using the Qlikview engine.

Our current portfolio comprises of 10 targeted products for Agencies, Container Carriers, Short-Sea Operators, Break-bulk & Combi Carriers, NVOCC’s and Forwarders.

Our Analytic Products:


Container Lines

Contribution Management (Liner)
Multipurpose and Project Carriers

Forwarding, NVOCC, Logistics, and Consolidation

Dry Bulk Chartering

Shipping Financials
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Quantifiable Returns Innovative Solutions