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Quantum Completes Delivery of Q-MPVTM to Chipolbrok with Exceptional Success

Summary: Quantum signed off delivery of their Q-MPVTM system to Chipolbrok in Shanghai and Gdynia with Acceptance Score of 99.48  % and 99.66% respectively. The delivery of the complete software suite including carrier mandated changes was conducted over 2 weeks at the carriers HQ in Shanghai and RHQ in Gdynia . These test scores are deemed exceptional by software industry standards and received high accolades from Chipolbrok.

Bangalore, 15th January, 2010:  QUANTUM BSO & TECH, a company with excellence in Transportation Management Solutions, today announced that it had completed delivery of its Q-MPVTM system to CHIPOLBROK, the Chinese-Polish flag carrierwhich operates over 40 ships and specializes in Break-Bulk and Project Cargo.

The delivery of the Q-MPVTM system, a core operating system uniquely designed for MPV, Break-Bulk and Project carriers was delivered to Chipolbrok at their offices in Shanghai and Gdynia over two weeks in December 2009 and January 2010.

The delivered software achieved a final User Acceptance Test score of 99.66% with about 4,000 individual test cases and scenarios recorded by the project team. These are exceptional levels of quality in delivery and meeting of client expectations.

The Q-MPVTM as delivered to Chipolbrok comprises Quantum's standard version and unique modifications as mandated by the carrier to significantly enhance their operating efficiency, automation and customer satisfaction.

Chipolbrok has collaborated with Quantum for an extended period of time during which the carrier and supplier have mutually sought to present Chipolbrok with a best-in-class system in the MPV and Project business.

Quantum expressed their deep gratitude to Chipolbrok for their patronage, while they have in turn received high praise for the project management, people and technical skills, and quality of the software delivered.; On time, on specification and on budget.


The Chinese-Polish Joint Stock Company (CHIPOLBROK) is a major break-bulk carrier on the North Continent-Far East route, with a modern and multipurpose fleet of 22 geared, semi-container triple-deckers with total DWT over 492.000 and container capacity over 21.000 teu provide global services. They have a liner service which offers conventional and semi containerized regular service with 2 sailings a month. Their expanded field of activities covers wide geographical range as from Baltic Sea, North Sea, Mediterranean and US Gulf basic ports up to Middle East and India , South East and Far East Asian destinations.

More than a half century of successful operation has won Chipolbrok a high reputation among our shipping peers. Chipolbrok has over 50 agency companies in all the European and Far East ports of call. They have offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Hong Kong and Genoa . They are Head Quartered in Shanghai and have their European Regional HQ in Gdynia, Poland.


Quantum is a technology and business solution company that specializes in the transport and logistics sector. Bringing together its significant experience in transportation with the high-end affordable technology of Bangalore , Quantum has been able to establish business verticals of Core Operating Systems, Decision Support and Business Intelligence. The company has an engagement strategy of ready to run off the shelf systems, as well as ground up projects for the Liner, Agency, NVOCC, Forwarding, Short-Sea and Break-Bulk sectors. With its HQ and Development center in Bangalore, India, the company leverages its techno-domain resources, its time to market, and its commercial capabilities to deliver on-time and with highly competitive TCO.

About the Q-MPVTM System:

The Q-MPVTM system is an end-to-end system for the highly demanding and diverse Break-Bulk, MPP, and project trade. A purpose built application with collaboration from two industry leaders, the Q-MPVTM extends from a complete planning module, a detailed CRM, multiple trade operations, Vessel and terminal operations, container control, receivables, payables and e-commerce. The application is completely integrated and offers high efficiency with a guaranteed no duplicate data entry. The Q-MPVTM is a completely web-based system using MS dotNET with Oracle database.

About the Q-VUETM System:

A state of the art pre-configured Business Intelligence system, the Q-VUETM integrates seamlessly with Quantum's or third-party systems to deliver multi-dimensional Dashboards, Analytics, Reports and Simulations. Built on the highly acclaimed Qlikview engine, the Q-VUETM leverages all of the exceptional components of this software along with Quantum's deep business insight. The application contains well over 2000 analytical components with multiple dashboards, profitability, operations and trade analytics, customer performance, financial analysis of receivables and payables as well as over 100 different reports and simulations. The Q-VUETM can be delivered as bundled with the Q - MPVTM or installed in 6 weeks with an external core operating system.


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