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Shipping Financials - Qi-Finance

Qi -Fin covers both Statutory and Trade specific financial KPI’s. It addresses both statutory requirements such as Trial Balance, P&L and Balance Sheet and at the same time providing business insights into receivables and payables by business parameters.

Some of the key features are:

  • Dashboards view to analyze various components of financials such as Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, receivables
  • Analysis of wide range of ratios such as Acid test ratio, cash ratio, contribution margin ratio, turnover ratios and many more
  • Analysis of statutory information such as Trial Balance, P&L, Balance Sheet.
  • Analysis of P&L trends such as Revenue, Gross Profit,  etc and Balance Sheets trends such as Assets, Liabilities, Cash on a month on month basis to view trend for a selected financial year
  • Detailed views of receivables such as Invoice, Collection, Outstanding, Detention demurrage etc
  • Wide range of financial , general and register reports



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