Multiport contracts Quantum for new web portal

The “Multiport” Ship Agencies Network today confirmed their contract with Quantum to build a multi-phased web site and portal, that will at the end of its planned development be an Industry Standard.

The planned website and portal is a 4 stage development of which the first two stages will be delivered by September. The portal will have a significant “Members” transaction area, and will provide a number of advanced features for Multiport Clients, Registered Users as well as Multiport members themselves. It will also prove to be a significant marketing tool for Multiport.

The web portal being designed for the later phases will allow a complete range of port and hub activities, have global vessel tracking, cost calculators and many more features including advanced intelligence and communications.

Multiport is a Global Agency Network, that brings together the No.1 agency house in each country into a single global entity. The group stands for quality and standards and the membership acceptance is through a stringent whetting process, bringing into play trading strengths, coverage, strong marketing, and impeccable financials. The Multiport network extends to 108 countries and 1500 ports and serves over 300 clients, making it the worlds largest Global Agency Network.

Quantum is proud of the faith placed by Multiport on us, and it is a testament to our understanding of all facets of transportation, and our ability to translate this into a value proposition. This contract strengthens our Web Design team, and we believe that this being a severe need in shipping, will continue to grow rapidly.



Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers first Web Design Client

Quantum is pleased to announce that the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers - a pillar of the maritime industry, has selected them for their new website and portal, which is to be launched to coincide with their annual prize giving event.

 The website design will be in multiple phases, and will start with a completely new look and feel, delivering advanced features to the students and alumni. It will incorporate a ''members area'' where the combined equity of thousands of MICS's and FICS's can be brought together into a strong brand.

 Further developments being discussed could include a portal, members networking, communications and discussions, e-learning and a whole host of features that involve the large group of ICS members that are in the echelon's of power in most marine organizations.

 The ICS is an organization committed to the wellbeing of the industry, by maintaining standards, transfer of knowledge and the overall betterment of the fraternity. The new website will dramatically leverage each of these core elements, while retaining focus on the student body and the learning that the ICS imparts to thousands each year.  

As a progressive step, the many branches and centers around the world may also be included in the projects scope.



Quantum launches new Web Design service.

As promised to those that expressed an interest, Quantum has officially commenced their ''Web Design'' business vertical, promising to deliver state-of-the-art design with the very best in e-commerce features. As with our other businesses, we hope our Wed Design will be unique in its dedicated focus towards Transportation. 

Incorporating cross-industry features and design, Quantum will bring to Transportation web-sites a new customer-oriented approach, that will dramatically shift the information architecture and access to information. New technology on the web is well within ones grasp to provide e-commerce features to even the simplest of websites.

The use of flash and other display tools will replace the first generation websites found on most shipping websites today. Our design team pledges to innovate and think ''Outside the bottle'' in creativity and visual appeal.

Quantum will also design portals with secure access for transactions, be they enquiries, bookings or financial. New search engines and reporting tools used, will allow clients to run queries and customize their features. Essentially, Quantum's Web Design will place the client's site significantly ahead of the industry standard in terms of feature and ability.

Quantum's Web division is supported by a Client Interface Manager ( and a dedicated team of web professionals comprising a manager, graphic designer, database analyst and engineers.

As the door is open, we welcome your contacts and query More....


Quantum Unveils New NVOCC System

Quantum today announced that it had officially unveiled its Q-NVO system and would be conducting its first client presentations in Dubai , followed by sequential worldwide release.  The Q-NVO  is a purpose made end-to-end ERP system for the rapidly growing NVOCC  segment. Catering to the growing influence and globalisation of the NVOCC's, the system is completely web-based and built on the latest technologies (dot NET with Oracle), and would without doubt have a life exceeding 10 years. more...


Quantum closes deal in Dubai
Pacific Shipping & Forwarding, the core agency of the STALCO Group serving PIL, has signed with Quantum to deploy the Q-MiA Agency system for their UAE offices. This installation is set to give PASHIP a cutting edge in their electronic processing, and substantially reduce transaction time. The Q-MiA system is being integrated with PIL's system through EDI downloads giving seamless export and import processes.

Quantum recruits in Bangalore
Quantum-BSO is well on its way to becoming the global leader in technology solutions and outsourcing for the shipping domain. The following positions need to be filled urgently at our Bangalore development center to support different enterprise products and global customers. If you are looking for a dynamic working environment, technology challenges, career growth and performance based rewards, Quantum is the place for you. more...

Quantum Globalises Further
Quantum's reach to the large European and Middle-Eastern markets receives a huge boost, with dedicated sales and support opening their doors in London and Dubai this August. We take pleasure in announcing Saliya Senanayeke and Alok Sharma joining Quantum, and their brief profiles are attached below.

Both Saliya and Alok are shipping specialists, with significant periods in their markets and with a wealth of knowledge of the business as well as operating practices and processes. Quantum will support them initially from Bangalore logistically and technically, but we see a technical base evolving around them in the next few months as the need dictates.

Additions to Development Center
Catering to new projects, development programs and products, the technical team at Quantum has continued to grow. In order to maintain a high manager and domain specialist ration to the development team, Quantum has made key placements at the Offshore Development Center in Bangalore, and is pleased to announce the joining of Deepak Karan and Mathew Simon, whose profiles are attached below.

Both these managers bring in deep domain knowledge, and in the case of Deepak, a Master Mariner with over 8 years in shipping technology development. In the coming months, Quantum will add to the talent pool with domain specialists, business analysts as well as high calibre technology managers.


The Agency Solution Matures
Final Specification Released

Quantum’s Enterprise Solution product for Agencies is called Q-MIA (Multi-Modular Integrated Application for Liner Agencies). It is a highly intelligent, feature-loaded system that manages the complete business needs of Liner Agencies. From Budgeting and Business Planning, to Results and Financials, the Q-MIA handles the business with a single source of input and seamless data integration. It works with minimal hardware investments, has a very short set-up and implementation process and hence, makes an excellent value proposition...more...

Quantum completes
a year of successful innovation

The Ride of a Lifetime !!

Quantum Releases
Specs on its Feeder Solution

Q-FLX, The Feeder Shipping System being developed by Quantum-BSO™, is a comprehensive, integrated Enterprise Solution system that streamlines and optimizes all operations of a Feeder Operator. It provides the management of medium and large sized Feeder companies with complete visibility over information and with powerful analysis of business performance. more...

Quantum gets new Head of Consulting

At Quantum we established a strategic direction of attracting the very best talent to maintain our competitive edge on the Domain. Anthony Corbaz exemplifies this as Head of Consulting and the Knowledge Management group.

Anthony Corbaz is a transportation professional with over 12 years of experience during which time he has worked and lived in many countries and with different work groups. He is a Swiss national who earned his MBA in Lausanne, which he has subsequently augmented with a Shipping Diploma and Portfolio Management.

He is fluent in his native French, but also in English, Spanish and German, and also speaks his wife’s Turkish mother tongue. He is passionate about wine, family, and about Quantum. A keen sportsman, he excels in Skiing, Golf, Tennis and Football. Full profile...

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