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At Quantum, we have evolved a unique work ethic characterised by innovation and involvement.

Innovation forms the cornerstone of Quantum's work philosophy. Whether in the form of unique products, customised services or comprehensive consultancy, Quantum delivers path-breaking solutions.

High involvement with a client's business needs is an integral part of our work ethic. We address these needs and develop the best solutions, based on our domain knowledge.

Our distinctive organisational structure consists of a matrix spanning four vertical competencies (viz., technology, consulting, organisation development and technology-enabled business process outsourcing). While technology forms the common foundation for all four, each unit works seamlessly with the others, drawing from each other’s expertise, thus delivering value to the client.

We at Quantum believe that only talented people in the right combination can convert great ideas into workable concepts. It is for this reason that Quantum seeks out the brightest and the best, to form part of its team. Each member of Quantum is carefully chosen, trained and finally honed into a subject matter expert. Each is innovative, result-focused and quality-conscious.


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Quantum's Team
Quantum's Team