Operational and Transactional for Local level:
This layer takes care of the operational and management needs of all locations that perform the day-to-day operational transactions and decision making for the Feeder company. This is the bread-and-butter layer that ensures that business is conducted in an efficient and orderly manner. The following features provide an insight into the kind of functionalities delivered by the Q-FLX in this local level phase.

1. Setup and Access Control
The process configures the set –up design of the system. In the first phase of implementation, it allows the user to set up his/her organizational details and preferences and enable him/her to exercise full control on them.

The system adds great value to the user by allowing mapping and defining his/her workflows. The organization is able to exercise full control over the login of the users using access control tools. Also the transactional phase of the system provides facilities to perform system audits and maintain event logs.

Following modules are available in this group
   a. Organizational Set Up
   b. Access Control & Audit
   c. Business Rules and Work-Flow

2. Sales and Marketing
In the initial phase, the system provides capabilities for the user to manage his/her sales planning and monitoring. The Sales Module enables the user to create, monitor and update his/her sales plans. The module can record sales efforts and act as a task manager to help the sales department to plan & organize its sales function.

Recognizing that sales planning efforts and sales functions vary greatly from customer to customer, the group has been divided into two broad sub-modules, which are

   a. MLO Sales Module
   b. NVOCC Sales Module

3. Operations
All basic operational requirements of the Feeder Operator are catered for. The system allows managing effectively the principle functions in its operational cycle such as preparation of schedules, route planning, vessel allocation, slot costing & management, vendor selection & management etc. Also the system allows establishing and managing from TDR * to Work Order cycle.

Various modules available under this group:
   a. Scheduling
   b. Slot Management
   c. Vendor Management
   d. Terminal Handling

4. Tariffs & Contract Management
The system provides the user with complete control over recording and updating of tariffs. A unique contract management application allows the Feeder Operator to manage and proactively evaluate all customer contracts. Besides these, other features of the Q-FLX ensure that the user is able to handle all commercial tasks at transactional level.

The two main modules in this group are:
   a. Tariff
   b. Contract Management

5. Booking and Documentation
The system enables the user to handle all booking related tasks like recording and updating of booking transactions, auto-rating of freight rates from the Tariff module, issuing confirmation, initiating the Order to Cash process etc. The data from confirmed bookings can be directly transferred to the Documentation module for creation of all-important shipping documents such as B/L, Service B/L, EGM*, IGM*, Manifests etc.

At this initial phase of implementation the system also provides a capacity management feature which allows the Operator to efficiently and actively perform all capacity management tasks such as controlling and reconciling allocations, bookings on board any of its vessels, monitoring volumes, weights and contribution, etc.

This comprehensive feature is therefore divided into three modules:
   a. Booking
   b. Capacity Management
   c. Documentation

6. Financial Management
Our Q-FLX Financial Management features in Phase 1 the record & management of all routine financial transactions. The user has the facility to map and handle his/her complete Order to Cash (OTC) and Requisition to Payment (RTP) processes.

The Payables cycle can be completely automated until the generation of Purchase Orders (PO) with the auto population of data (e.g. Terminal Handlings) from other modules. Integration with other modules facilitates the management of all activities.

The system can generate a large number of financial reports and statements reflecting the financial status and performance of the company. Besides those reports, the system addresses the information needs of the users by facilitating the creation and generation of customized reports.

Four important modules are under this feature:
   a. Transaction Handling
   b. Order to Cash Cycle
   c. Requisition to Payment Cycle
   d. Statements

7. Customer Relationship Management

Q-FLX provides a comprehensive CRM system under which a Feeder Operator can manage its customers by using features such as recording the customer’s detailed profile, analyzing customers historical records and mapping the customer’s potential route or sector wise. Users can define and allocate priority levels to given customers and plan relationship management efforts basis those priorities.

The main modules available under this group are:
   a. Customers Profile
   b. Customer Management

8. Knowledge Management (Reports)
The system has a unique three-tiered structure for reports. Those are Canned Reports, Flexi Report, and Cubed Reports.

In the first phase of implementation the system provides the first two levels of report types i.e. the Canned and Flexi reports.

Canned reports are essentially fixed format. Large number of preformatted canned reports are available to users across all groups i.e. operations, commercial, finance etc.

Flexi reports are in ad-hoc kind of formats that are configurable by each user. A user can generate flexible reports from the schedule where all the fields transacted are available.

As mentioned the two reports’ modules available in this phase are:
   a. Canned Reports
   b. Flexible Reports

The Three Layered Architecture:
Phase 1 | Phase 2 | Phase 3

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