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Quantum’s Enterprise Solution product for Agencies is called Q-MIA (Multi-Modular Integrated Application for Liner Agencies). It is a highly intelligent, feature-loaded system that manages the complete business needs of Liner Agencies. From Budgeting and Business Planning, to Results and Financials, the Q-MIA handles the business with a single source of input and seamless data integration. It works with minimal hardware investments, has a very short set-up and implementation process and hence, makes an excellent value proposition.

The Q-MIA is versatile in its application and answers Agencies' needs catering to Multi-line, Multi- location and Multi-currency forms of business seamlessly. It allows management of information either by Line or Agency and aggregation for the corporation, without any reworking or contamination of data.

Specially and specifically designed and developed for the complex world of a Multi-principal Liner Agency, the Q-MIA system is built around processes for active management and efficiency.

The installation strategy is compatible to the needs of most organisations, small or large. The set-up can be based on centralised architecture comprising of a single server, or distributed over a number of countries hosting their unique environments, yet with integration for management.


Small Enterprise:
Single country, 1-5 installations, range of 10-50 users

Medium Enterprise:
More than 1 country, over 5 installations, over 100 users

Large Enterprise:
Multiple countries, multiple locations, high customisation

The Q-MIA can be customised easily, either for Agencies’ internal management or for reporting to statutory bodies. All forms and fields are numbered, making access to data and tables easy, facilitating a simple interface or integration with Legacy or Principals systems. All data is integrated across the system, not needing re-entry and in many places not even data recall.

The logical flow between processes makes the Q-MIA highly user-friendly, with the paramount focus being on the customer in all operations. Whether the cycle is Documentation, Financial or only Information Advice, the system gives the client the satisfaction of interacting with a company that is “in-the-know”.

The system is Multi-line, thus allowing the Agency to have a single system across their enterprise, bringing huge efficiencies, and thereby profitability with a rapid ROI.

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