An “Enterprise Solution” – not just an ERP

Quantum’s applications are “Enterprise Solutions” rather than conventional ERP’s, where back-end integration is the primary feature. The Q-MIA is an end-to-end system that has been built after the close mapping of all Agency activities, functions and processes.

“Enterprise Solutions are software applications that connect and manage information flows across complex organisations, allowing managers to make decisions based on information (data) that reflects the current state of their business. The system also automates complex transactional processes and thus saves cost.”

Accenture 2002

While the ‘core modules’ are exceptionally strong, what exponentially enhances the unique value of the system is bundling a number of key applications into the product, like:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Marketing & Sales Management
  • CRM & Customer Service
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Exception Management
  • Intermodal and Inland Transport
  • Procurement and Payables
  • Credit Management & Treasury
  • Performance management
  • Advanced Analytics and Planning

While stressing “enterprise” in our solutions, Quantum presents to the Liner Agency segment a product that allows all activity on a single system, including the potential for a variety of tasks that currently are not done in shipping.

Most shipping software provide the most basic functionality, and concentrate on the core operations modules alone. This is also a feature of the applications that shipping lines have developed and what they make available to agents. The benefits and ROI through them is marginal at best.

With Quantum’s Q-MIA, the value of an Enterprise Solution is leveraged to the highest order, with the Agency being able to interface with their Principal, and then conduct all Agency activity on a single platform. With the Multi-line capability of the Q-MIA, this integration is exponentially better and so are the returns.

No less than 42% of companies that have inducted an Enterprise Solution and significantly implemented process policies have realised the majority of targeted benefits. These returns have been greatest, with over 65% returns in the first 2 years, when they have been right across the organisation as opposed to functional units like Finance or Operations. These represent almost all sectors of industry, yet sadly, shipping is conspicuous by its absence.

We invite you to test drive Quantum’s many solutions to attain the next level of Business Value.

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