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Knowledge management and action based upon current and pertinent data is a major feature of Quantum’s MIA system. We firmly believe that organisations are able to transform their results through a process of effectively changing work culture by using information.

The Q-MIA enables business analysis and empowers the manager to take decisions based upon factual information that the system synthesises and presents in a variety of formats. This not only leads to better and more profitable choices, it also effectively leads to visibility of opportunities.

The work force in a company using Quantum’s MIA is an informed and enabled group, being able to efficiently deal with external and internal demands, and bring a new meaning to proactive management in shipping.

The four levels of reports cater to different need groups within the Agency. While the canned reports ? daily use, clerical and principal – are reporting oriented, the cubed/flexible reports are supervisory and managerial, enabling combinations and extend the scope of study.

However, the Analytics and Dashboards are purely management tools. The former are developed from a Business Analyst’s viewpoint, and allow maximisation of results and the ability to introspect on cause, predict effect and effect strategy or action to maximise benefits. Dashboards, on the other hand, are a Management Snapshot of their Circle of Concern, showing in graphical, digital or mapped outputs, consolidated key information.

Canned Reports
• Unique to module, process and Line-specific formats
• Over 200 reports rapidly customisable with
   system mapping
• Complete coverage of all operational functions
• EDI compatibility for upload to ports and partners

Cubed & Flexible Reports
• User definable reports, with full range of fields
• Ability to group, sort, total at the users discretion
• Can be saved as favourites for own or group use
• Can be exported to Excel, mail or other manipulation tools

Analytics and Simulation
• Comparatives (e.g. between modules, periods,
  clients, locations etc.)
• Variance (e.g. between budget vs. actual, target vs. actual,
  performance etc.)
• Trends (e.g. Freight depletion, weight increase,
  profitability to loss etc.)
• Simulation (e.g. Model voyage, best mix, highest yield, key
  client etc)

Dashboards (upon customisation only)
• Map or graphic displays of user defined key information    criteria
• Drill-down of display to localised or transactional detail
• Task-driven to activate upon log-on
• Gives Manager global overview on a single log-in screen

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