Commercial Management

A key strength of the Q-MIA has been our Commercial module. Experience from the trade suggests that client management is an area radically under-developed, with little systems induction or process management. It is an area that experts feel needs technical leverage and we have answered them with a full CRM.

The Q-MIA assists the Agency not only in client “acquisition” but also to a very large extent in “retention”. By managing the existing client base, key clients, yields and needs, the CRM ensures satisfaction as well as maintenance. However at the same time, by giving visibility of the overall market and highlighting inactive accounts, it throws up extra potential.

Sales teams are visible on a PDA formatted planner, with linkages to the business plan and for the first time, a salesperson can be measured against revenue related results. This enables focused sales as opposed to volume sales, and the focus is on the Agency bottom line. The Q-MIA allows clients to be profiled down to the smallest detail, and the system manages performance and notifies variation.

Customer Service is a tool that has been tailored from telecommunications, and allows the representative to view, at the keying in of a single reference number, the entire transaction trail. It brings about immediate solutions, and gives enterprise-wide collaboration towards customer value.

Business Planning
• Company-wide clarity of objectives
• Yield-based client management
• Trade-based planning
• Effective target assignment

Customer Manager
• Detailed profiling of clients, routes, affiliates
• Management of potential & competition
• Record of calls and rating
• History of activity

Sales Management
• Seamless linkage with Business Plan
• Revenue-based sales targets
• Minimal data entry and seamless downstream
• PDA compatible

Tariff & Rating
• Contracts, Special Rates, Commodity, surcharges
  or others
• Auto-population of all data enterprise-wide
• Compatibility to Liner systems & reference data
• Quotation to customers with routing interface

Customer Service
• Process-wide visibility to CS via any Document number
• Ability to escalate and assign tasks across enterprise
• Linked to customer profile and telephone systems
• Management of exception and extensive reporting

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