Core Operations

The fundamentals of the Q-MIA system are sound processes with the core, and this is achieved through extensive mapping and experience on both sides of the operational divide – Line and Agent. We have however pushed the re-engineering envelope to streamline and integrate, to optimise and economise, and to ensure data is clean and automated.

The Q-MIA system builds in solutions to the many problems Agencies face on a day-to-day basis, be it split bookings, or documentation interfaces, or BL clausing. We close the gaps experienced between Agent depot and the Line in container aspects, and eliminate re-keying in and errors in tracking data.

The system has unique Terminal Management Automation that checks for inconsistencies and assists the operator in his huge task that is often tedious and labour-intensive. The Q-MIA internally collaborates with documentation and container control to manage operations, and then feeds the financials and commercial modules and enables analysis.

Our intermodal system rivals stand-alone modules in feature, but goes much further in integrating with documentation and payables. The system checks for collections, bills the Line, and manages all delays – automatically.

The core Operations feature list is almost endless.

   • Cross booking, Split, Merge, etc
   • Auto-rating of freight & surcharges
   • Manages IMDG, RF, ODC etc
   • Routing, Transit-times, BL clausing etc

   • Electronic or manual client data
   • Interface to up/down load with Principal
   • Completely EDI compatible
   • Integrated seamlessly with financials

Vessel & Feeder Operations
   • Schedule interface to all modules
   • Intelligent Terminal Management system
   • Interface and localisation to ports & Principals
   • Automated reports internally, to partners & Line

   • Automated job creation from Booking & Documentation
   • Work-order creation with data from BL and Tariff
   • Automated approval system, mapping for revenue cycle
   • Disbursement accounting, process management, etc

Container Control
   • EDI enables with Lines, terminals & depots
   • Simple-step data update, and data transfer
     across application
   • Demurrage & Detention system, seamless
     with financials
   • Stock Program to predict inventories

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