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Unique to the Q-MIA, is the Financial module that has been modelled around a top global system and provides the user with equal, if not greater, benefits. The Financials are completely integrated across the application and data is automatically acquired and input into various forms and the Chart of Accounts.

The advantages of this application are many, all the way from Budget Income to the Administrative Budget through to reports with the greatest drill-down capability. Data integrity from tariff tables ensures an elimination of errors, dramatically increasing productivity. The credit control and freight aging features allow exceptional cash flow improvements.

The payables cycle is an advanced feature with complete automation in the Intermodal and customisable forms for Principals’ disbursement accounting. The Q-MIA also allows complete procurement on the system, from terminal services, administration and even ordering in lunch.

Customisable Application
• Flexible COA tailored on a top global system
• Capability to scale up for a Multi-line or Multi-location use
• Credit control feature customisable to client or location
• Localisable for Multi-currency dealings

Integrated Financials
• Complete data transfer in Export/Import cycle
• Automatic data transfer to ledgers and accounts
• Invoicing, cheque writing, bank reconciliation

Full set of books and ledgers
• General Ledger customisable to Agency’s needs
• Voyage ledger that is auto-populated from
  OTC/RTP processes
• Corporate Governance, trial balance, results
• Administration and accounting of subsidiaries

Results and MIS
• Minimal lead time between transaction and results
• Results by location, voyage or period
• Can be drilled down to the entry level
• Variance to Business Plan, Budget, Trade, Client etc

Order to cash process
• Complete integration from Rating to Books
• No data corruption possible – sealed management
• Visibility of OS by transaction, client, location etc
• Treasury management and Lines Remittance Control

Requisition to Payment
• Complete procurement and inventory system
• Payables integration with operations and requisitions
• Management of tariffs to generate work-orders
• Auto-feed to treasury and payment planner

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