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Quantum’s Q-MIA is a “Management System” before anything else, and the key differentiator between the Q-MIA and other functional systems is likely to be most visible in this module. The deep domain knowledge at Quantum, and the input from collaborator Agencies has enabled us to develop tools that put the manager “In-the-Know”, thus facilitating informed decisions.

While there is a major thrust on the Commercial management with Budget & Business Plans, there is also a focus to drive efficiency top-down with an Exception Manager. We believe that if any organisation were able to align activity, harmonise performance, and do things right the very first time, the impact would be in the 15%-20% range.

The Q-MIA also eliminates the huge time-lag of results in most Agencies, and while a “contribution” system gives the Agency yield per transaction; results per vessel, week, or month are a button away, as are all the other financials and management of the business, with many reports.

 • Harmonises budgeting process across the organisation
 • Financially comprehensive, includes land-side income
 • Configurable level of detail down to client or location
 • Seamlessly linked to Administrative Budget and COA

Business Planning
 • Client-specific short term budget focus
 • Alignment of objectives and business goals
 • Key account retention strategy with targets
 • Simulation of “Model Voyage” for best yield

Exception Management
 • Focus to eliminate errors, delays and variance
 • All process management via simple set-up wizard
 • Notification by pop-up, alarm, e-mail, escalation,
   task activation
 • Analytics to identify weak sectors and poor processes

Human Resource Manager
 • Complete HR coverage, including payroll and appraisals
 • Organogram and hierarchy, driving systems work-flow
   &  Escalator
 • Organisation Development, Skill-set mapping,
    training planner

Results & Reports
 • Operational P&L – real time
 • Variance analysis
 • Income with drill-down
 • Over 200 customisable reports

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