Technical Aspects

Quantum has strategically based its development center at Bangalore, India, the true global Silicon Valley and the source of computer intelligentsia world-wide. With close to 500,000 engineers in this city, we are well placed to choose assets as well as the technology.

Quantum has targeted a SEI CMMI level 3 in 2004 and a level 5 in 2006, thereby endorsing strict internal quality procedures. We have researched methods and ideas that would radically leverage the efficiency of the client, and give them the cutting edge by using Quantum’s Q-MIA.

   • Authentication with encrypted passwords
   • Menu and action level access control with reports
   • Comprehensive auditing down to user action
   • Access control linked to fingerprint or door
     access (on order)

   • Configurable work-flow linked to company structure
   • Process-oriented movement of data across tasks
   • Message notifications directly links user to
      appropriate screen
   • Business exceptions deliver automated
      alerts and notifications

   • High performance on LANs with local servers
   • Automatic download of latest code files to client PCs
   • Central repository architecture using Citrix
   • Distributed architecture using database replication

   • Intel CPUs running Microsoft Windows OS
   • Oracle or MS SQL Server DB
   • Client Server technology using Visual Basic
   • Crystal for canned reports, Clients option for analytics

   • Minimum roll-out time with off-shore set-up
   • Fully configurable setup of all masters and tables
   • Protocols to configure entities as per customer formats
   • Management by administrator rather than by vendor

Data Search
   • Record search facility standard on all forms
   • Advanced search feature for complex search
   • Lookups with search integrate master
      data into transactions
   • On-line help and technical process guides

Rich interface
   • Rich Windows MDI interface enhances productivity
   • Powerful data grids with database linkage
   • In-screen data changes without screen refreshes
   • Process flow links screens enhancing efficiencies

   • Quantum subscribes to an SEI CMMI
     certification process
   • Independent Quality & Test team provides intensive QA
   • Domain experts ensure good requirements analysis
   • Solid SDLC processes

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