Application Overview

Quantum’s application designed for Liner Agencies has been the fruit of a meticulous process-mapping of operations at the Line as well as at Agencies. Our domain base has allowed us to see the ‘As-Is’ situation with its problems and inconsistencies, and to leverage in process improvements towards a ‘To-Be’ organisation.

We acknowledge the input and numerous suggestions from collaborating Agencies the world over, which has led to the creation of a vast system that is comprehensive in every way. The original scope has been progressively enhanced to cater to their insights and ‘pain-points’ that only someone closely associated with the business would know.

The features in the Q-MIA system will show the user not only an effort to bring about the management aspects described above, but will cater to the needs of our ‘real’ clients, the staff within the Agencies. Only by eliminating their frustrations and problems does the Q-MIA truly add value.

The system has a number of unique points from the perspective of an application ? from the modular inclusion, from workflow, from data integrity or from the features. Each one of these has a unique value proposition.

The Application
Quantum’s Q-MIA is an application that has effective cover over an entire enterprise. It has a Multi-line Architecture enabling the Agency to work on more than one Principal without compromising on confidentiality, and yet be able to aggregate data at a management level. It has Multi-location Coding in forms and the database, allowing various branches to work on the same application while retaining their separation. It is a Multi-currency system enabling an automated transaction capability at a global level. It is light on hardware and has minimal set-up costs.

The Modules
The Q-MIA is an Enterprise Solution as opposed to an ERP, and, as such, there are a number of modules that the Agency gets from Quantum as part of the package, thus providing exceptional value.

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The contents, as listed in detail, more than comprehensively cover some 380 mapped processes in Liner Agencies, and in doing so integrate them completely. Data integrity is right across the Agency, with a one-time input guarantee and auto-population thereafter. The positive lever on any organisation with this is indescribable, but it suffices to say that the results will be felt in all facets of operation.

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