Value Proposal Fundamentals

Our business philosophy of Value Transfer with the Q-MIA system aims to bring exceptional returns to the Liner Agency segment by delivering core values, This is done through leveraging technology with simple process and data management aspects such as.

  • Decision Support
  • Process Integration
  • Structural Optimisation
  • Business Intelligence

The packaging of these within a system has a tremendous impact on any organisation, encouraging team dynamics and facilitating decision-making that is structured towards best results. This leads to harmonisation and creation of customer and shareholder value of the highest degree.

In shipping, a razor thin margin business, these solutions towards optimisation cannot be ignored

Decision Support
Quantum’s Q-MIA, in the very first instance, is a “management system” and thus has looked at ways and means to bring the Business Manager information that allows him to make informed decisions. A plethora of tools and techniques allow real-time Transaction Management and almost completely eliminates the “Planning – Operation – Result” gap, which is about some 3 months today.

Process Integration
The system “rolls” a transaction “horizontally” across the many functional divides within an organization that typically are “vertical”. There is a logical follow-through from every action to the next, which eliminates costly hand-offs, data reworking, and group mistrust. By integration, the ignorance of up and down stream activity is eliminated. Data is “auto-populated” right across the application bringing tremendous efficiencies.

Structural Optimisation
The process integration brought by Q-MIA allows between 25% to 40% structural optimisation, which translates into direct HR savings. On a more BPR note, it suggests the elimination of “departments” and opens the space for highly efficient process groups. This ranges from across the application to across the organisation.

Business Intelligence
Quantum and the Q-MIA provide the agency with real-time intelligence. The analytics built into the system are designed by domain specialists. In the most simple terms, they facilitate principal reporting and progressively escalate to flexible reports and simulations. There is no part of the system that is not managed, and there is no part of the system not measured.

These views and benefits are not Quantum’s alone, but are voiced and echoed by the world's top consulting companies, and have become fundamental towards achieving efficiencies.

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